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RichSunak is the latest BEP-20 Token

In most instances, cryptocurrencies have been unpredictable and the future has always been uncertain.
However, with Rishi Sunak’s official announcement we finally have a clear and prosperous future for cryptocurrencies. We plan to be a pioneer in this first huge step and using Rishi Sunak's bullishness on cryptocurrencies to combine with a meme style token with the goal of raising awareness from his love of crypto and eventually being recognised by him to be able to complete through our detailed roadmap.
We plan to incorporate features such as buybacks when Rishi tweets about crypto, provide monetary gain to holders by distribution through taxes, celebrity promotions, Twitter raids, partnerships, jackpot snowball effect to keep buy pressure high as well as much more.
Our ambitions in this space will exactly replicate Rishi himself's ambition in this industry and we intend to gain our awareness through not only the household name he is, but the global attention he has exerted across international news in the wider world.

Our Goal

Our goal is to mirror Sunak’s confidence in the crypto space with a fun and excited meme style token and eventually become one of the first regulated crypto’s in the United Kingdom.
A future NFT collection with funds raised to he held by our DAO ironically being named ‘Parliament’ will play a vital role in the development and growth of this coin as we will focus these funds on fulfilling Riahi’s goal of encouraging crypto investment and technology in the U.K. For example investing into U.K. established crypto start up and much more.
Furthermore a staking will be live pretty much off the bat. A Pinksale partner developer will hold ownership and will create our own DAPP, again, audited by Pinksale.


Jackpot Wallet

2% of all transactions are reserved for Jackpot.


2% of each transaction will go towards Redistribution.


2% of each transaction will go towards the marketing wallet.


Phase 1 2022

Website deployment
Telegram deployment
Pre-launch marketing
Mass DMs
Call Channels
Twitter raids
Pinksale PreSale

Phase 2 2022

PanCakeSwap Launch
Launch Day Marketing
3,000 Telegram Members
CoinMarketCap Listing
CoinGecko Listing
$RICHSUNAK Staking Pool
Further Call channels + Mass DMs
Youtube Promotional Series
Altcoin Partnerships
Press Releases across various outlets

Phase 3 2022

Apply for Token Listing Websites
Further Social Media Marketing Advancements
Further YouTube Promotional Series Continued
Introduction of an NFT collection
'Parliament' our DAO creation
Rewards Dashboard Release

Phase 4 2023

Tier 1 Exchange Listings
Yahoo Finance Article Series
High-budget marketing campaign continuation
Further mainstream media attention


Ask Me Anything Sessions

Whether you have a question on one of our services or want to get involved with our mission we are ready to help.
Follow our AMA session and ask question to get up to date with all the recent information.

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